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Whether your passion relates to personal fitness goals, a unique technical skill or something a bit more creative like the arts, we have a competition for you that will elevate your passion, skill and goals to the next level. Kompetes™ is a socially-driven competition platform. We showcase every aspect of competition relating to just about anything you can imagine – fitness, art, technical abilities, creativity, photography, web design, and so much more. Kompetes™ gives our members a place to showcase their talents and turn their passions into sustainable professions through funding, exposure, networking and career placement.

Kompetes™ was founded on the notion that it is both natural and productive for talented individuals to be competitive in their field. Competition is the key to pushing your talent beyond its bounds, sparking new ideas, creativity, drive, self-evaluation and realization. This concept is the essential component on which our community stands. We look forward to experiencing that same idea of growth and development with you as our membership grows.

Join our community and experience Kompetes™ for yourself. Prove that you are the best at what you love to do with one of our ongoing competitions, or create your own and challenge your contemporaries to compete against you. Push and help each other continue to grow.

Features of our competitive community include: Native and ongoing competitions hosted by Kompetes™ Members can create customized competitions for unique activities and skills that you can’t find anywhere else! An open community where you can find users near you who may want to compete in live, in-person evens (e.g. local football tournaments, local art shows, etc.) A place to share your own photos and videos on your profile and within your chosen competitions A place to promote yourself as a competitor however you choose! The more you share, the more votes you’re bound to collect! Contests may be free or pay-per-entry, based on the nature of the game and the creator’s intent. When you become a part of the Kompetes™ community, you will receive up-to-date news and information on featured competitions, winners, reward offers, and, more importantly, access to an entire community of like-minded, driven individuals.

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